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Introduction to Rails
In this course you will walk through a step by step guide where you will build a Ruby on Rails application with the primary function of being able to upload images to a CDN and have them displayed in blog form.
Build a Rails Photo Blog
Learn how to build powerful applications by learning the Ruby on Rails framework from scratch, this is where to begin when learning how to become a developer.
Learn Rails from Scratch
Learn how to build powerful applications using this comprehensive guide to the Ruby on Rails web framework.
Dissecting Rails 5
Professional Rails
Build a Ruby on Rails microservice application with this project based course that focuses on RESTful principles, service oriented architecture, and API development.
Rails API Development
A course for professional Rails development, including: BDD/TDD, real world software engineering techniques, best practices, and in depth explanations of the Rails framework.
Pro Rails Development
Follow along with this intermediate course as Jordan Hudgens builds a client's project in real time using Ruby on Rails.
Rails Code Along
Learn how to build Angular 2 applications with Ruby on Rails 5 API backends.
Angular 2 + Rails 5
This course gives an introduction to the JavaScript programming language, including the basic syntax, how to work with collections, and input/output.
Introduction to JavaScript
This course gives an introduction to the TypeScript programming language, including walking through the: syntax, best practices, and practical systems for building TypeScript programs.
TypeScript Development
Learn how to use the Ruby programming language, including the basic syntax, OOP techniques, built in methods, and much more.
Ruby Programming
This course walks through key elements utilized in modern development practices, including components such as arrow functions, classes, modules, and how to build NPM libraries.
Modern JavaScript
Daily exercises for practicing Ruby development.
Daily Ruby Code Practice Exercises
Computer Science
In this in depth course you will learn how to work with algorithms, including: how to measure their performance, understanding data structures, and implementing all of the algorithms in code.
Algorithm Bootcamp
In this course you will learn how to integrate various Ruby Gems into a Rails application.
Ruby Gem Walkthroughs
Learn how to automate your coding workflow and use a text editor like a professional Ruby developer.
Vim Mastery
This course examines various ways to build and maintain soft skills as a developer, this includes skills such as: how to learn, productivity, effective communication, and many other attributes of great developers.
Development Soft Skills
This course walks through SQL from the ground up. In the guides you'll learn everything from: querying data, SQL best practices, joining relational data, and much more.
SQL Bootcamp
In this course you'll learn how to work with the efficient Redis database to manage key / value relationships.
Up and Running with Redis
This course analyzes the MongoDB NoSQL database and explains how to utilize document based NoSQL systems.
MongoDB for Developers
Front End Development
Learn HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch, starting with the basics and finishing by building five projects from scratch.
HTML/CSS Bootcamp
This User Experience (UX) course examines how to develop a system for approaching application development and enhancing the experience for users.
UX for Developers
This course walks through how to utilize Scss to efficiently style web applications.
Styling with Scss
This course focuses on walking through the steps needed in order to build professionally designed applications.
UI for Developers
Software Engineering
This course teaches the foundational building blocks of utilizing UML in order to model software systems.
UML for Developers
In this course you'll take a practical look at how to build a large number of software applications and features. By taking a systems analysis and design approach to development and leveraging UML, you'll be able to model systems and prepare to build the projects.
Problem Solving