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This section explains how to use one of the most popular features in Rails 5: ActionCable. In these guides we'll walk through how to integrate ActionCable and Rails Channels to incorporate live data.
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This is going to be one of my favorite sections of the entire Course, for years Rails made it pretty challenging to be able to have live data pumped directly into the application and by live data, I mean that you could have two users on the same page and if one made a change such as adding a comment to the page the other user would have to hit refresh in order to have that comment appear. But in Rails 5 there is a new concept called ActionCable. ActionCable gives us the ability to have live data and live updates. This is something that usually you'd have to incorporate either something like polling which can be very intensive from a server-side or use a javascript framework such as Angular react but in Rails 5 we have the ability to implement this. So this is going to be really fun. We are going to walk through how we can implement ActionCable and have live data in our comments section for our blog. So let's get started.