Building your first Rails Application

Once you have the application ready, we'll start with our first project. It will be a project management application that leverages several key Rails features.

Walk through the various configuration options that you have when building out Ruby on Rails applications and running the new application generator.

Step through how to run the Rails server and run a Rails application.

Rake is a utility built into both Ruby and Rails that allows you to do a set of common administration tasks. In this lesson, we are going to see how you can use rake options to manage your database.

Sublime Text is a code editor that comes with easy keyboard shortcuts, clean user interface, excellent performance and useful features. You even have the option to launch this editor from the command line of your Mac.

Before we go into coding. it's important to know the Rails file system. Here is a broad overview of the directories and folders that you're going to work with in any Ruby on Rails application.

In this lesson we'll walk through the second part of the Rails file system, starting with the db directory.

Walk through the differences between scaffolds compared with manually writing feature code from scratch in a Ruby on Rails application.

Learn how to use scaffolds in Rails to build out the CRUD functionality for an application automatically, including creating a database table, generating forms, and much more.

Walk through all of the files generated by the Rails scaffold generator along with their purpose. This is also a good way to learn standard elements that should be included when building features manually.