Rails Routing Guide

Not CompletedIntroduction to Routing in Rails

In this lesson, we are going to understand routes. If you're new to programming, routes are essentially what the application needs to move from page to page, and the requests it sends to do it.

Not CompletedRESTful Routing in Rails

Learn how RESTful routing principles are implemented into the Rails route system to take advantage of standardized naming conventions.

Not CompletedCreate Custom Controller Actions in Rails

Learn how to run the Rails controller generator to create static pages for the application.

Not CompletedCustom Routes for Pages in a Rails Application

Learn how to integrate static routes and pages in a Ruby on Rails application.

Not CompletedConfiguring a home page in a Rails app

Walk through how to setup the homepage of your application by customizing the routes file.

Not CompletedSetting up Custom Redirects in a Rails Application

Explore the different ways that you can implement custom redirects for routes in a Rails application.

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