Advanced User Features

Not CompletedEnabling Admin Users Using Single Table Inheritance in Rails

This guide will walk through how to implement the ability for our application to have Admin users and we're going to accomplish this by leveraging single table inheritance (STI).

Not CompletedUpdating a Rails Seed File

In this guide we will update our application's seed file to keep it up to date with the changes made to the schema file.

Not CompletedUpdating the Navigation View when a User is Signed In

In this guide we will implement the functionality to dynamically update the view based on if a user is logged in or not.

Not CompletedIntegrating a Permission Structure with the Pundit Gem

Learn how to install and implement the basic configuration for the Pundit gem in order to start building the application's permission structure.

Not CompletedHow to Integrate Permissions for Editing Posts

This guide will explain how to integrate permissions into a Rails app to ensure posts can only be edited by the user that created the post.

Not CompletedHow to Integrate Growl Type Notifications Into a Rails App

This tutorial walks through how to easily integrate growl type notifications into a Rails application, including the ability for them to fade out automatically and have images and custom text.

Not CompletedInstalling an Admin Dashboard in Rails Using the Administrate Gem

In this tutorial you will learn how to install and configure the Administrate gem in a Rails application to supply a full admin dashboard to users.

Not CompletedBlocking an Admin Dashboard from Non Authorized Users in Rails

This guide explains how to manage access levels to the admin dashboard in a Rails application, including working with single table inheritance and the Administrate gem.

Not CompletedGuide to Using the Administrate Gem Dashboard in Rails

This guide walks through how to use the Administrate dashboard in a Rails application, including how to run database queries, add new records, delete items, and edit database entries.

Not CompletedCustomizing Forms in the Administrate Dashboard

In this guide we'll walk through how to customize forms in the administrate admin dashboard, including customizing the forms for the AdminUser dashboard.

Not CompletedHow to Use Subdomains in a Rails Application

This guide will walk through the process of how to use subdomains in a Rails application, including how to see which subdomain a user is on and how to view subdomains locally.

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