Post Feature

Not CompletedCreating a Post Resource in Rails

Walk through creating the Post resource for a Ruby on Rails application.

Not CompletedNesting Resources in a Ruby on Rails Application

Learn how to nest the post resource under the topic resource to properly organize the Ruby on Rails application.

Not CompletedRefactoring Specs to Include Factories

In this lesson we're going to refactor our specs to include factories to make our tests more efficient and streamline our codebase.

Not CompletedRendering Posts under a Topic

Learn how to render a set of posts nested underneath a specific topic and build the feature using behavior driven development.

Not CompletedImplementing Dynamic Forms in Rails

In this lesson we will integrate a form and the new and create controller actions for posts, along with associating posts with users and topics.

Not CompletedCreating a Seeds File

In this lesson we'll clean up the data that we're working with in the local database and walk through how to create a seeds file.

Not CompletedImplementing the Ability to Edit a Post

In this section we'll walk through the steps necessary to give users the ability to edit the posts that they created.

Not CompletedIntegrating Basic Authorization in Rails

In this guide we'll step through how to integrate basic authorization in a Ruby on Rails application.

Not CompletedCreating and Merging a Pull Request on GitHub

Walk through how to create a pull request and merge the new code into the master branch using the GitHub web interface.

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