Rails Code Along

Planning the Application Build

You will be able to effectively plan out a Ruby on Rails application, including organizing the initial models and user stories.

Generating and Configuring the Application

After completing this section you'll be able to create the initial Rails application, including: generating the app, setting up version control and installing the RSpec and Capybara test frameworks.

User Management

After this section you'll be able to use test driven development to implement app authentication by leveraging the Devise Rubygem. This includes validations to ensure user data integrity.

Creating Posts

This section will teach you how to build out a full ActiveRecord model from scratch, including a database, the view elements, and connecting the model to users, all while using TDD/BDD.

Integrate an HTML/CSS Design and Layout

After this section you will know how to fully implement the Twitter Bootstrap HTML/CSS design framework. This includes building a layout, styling the site, and implementing Rails view helper methods.

Listing Posts via Behavior Driven Development

In this section you'll learn how to list posts, merge Ruby code with HTML and go through the Red, Green, Refactor process for automated testing.

Installing FactoryGirl for Test Data Factories in Rails

This section will walk through how to install and configure FactoryGirl for generating factories that will supply test data to RSpec.

Implementing New CRUD Functionality into the Application

After this section you will know how to use Test Driven Development to implement edit and delete functionality into a Rails app using RSpec and Capybara.

Building Advanced User Interface Elements

After this section you'll be able to build in JavaScript user interface elements, such as Growl notifications. You will also be able to leverage Bootstrap form components.

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