Build a Rails Photo Blog

Application Creation

In this section we'll go through guides that explain how to create the Ruby on Rails application, including generating the app, navigating the file system, creating basic routes, and using the Rails console.

Integrate Photo Uploading Functionality

In this section the guides will walk through implementing the code necessary to upload photos, including integrating the Carrierwave gem and configuring the photo uploader module.

Connecting to S3 on AWS

Explore how to connect a Rails application to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 cloud storage system to host the images for the app.

Implementing Photo Uploading and Rendering

While going through this section you will be able to walk through the implementation code that will put everything together and allow the application to upload files and display them to users.

Introduction to RSpec Testing

In this section you will be given a walkthrough of how to install RSpec and the basic concepts of Test Driven Development (TDD).

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