Building Specs for a Microservice

Not CompletedFactoryGirl factories

Create test object factories using the Factory Girl Rails gem so that our RSpec tests can have test data to work with.

Not CompletedUsing build_stubbed Instead of create in FactoryGirl

In this guide we will refactor our application to use the more efficient build_stubbed FactoryGirl method instead of the create method.

Not CompletedValidations in Rails Models

In this lesson we will walk through how to build specs for and then test validations to ensure data integrity.

Not CompletedIntegrating the Ability to Create Records

In this guide we will walk through the process of creating RSpec tests for and then implementing the ability to create records in the database.

Not CompletedRefactoring the Create Action in a Rails App

In this follow up guide we will walk through how to refactor the create action in our Ruby on Rails application to conform to Rails best practices.

Not CompletedIntegrating Error Status Codes for a Microservice with TDD

In this guide we'll implement RSpec tests to ensure that the application renders the appropriate error message when the record is not created in the database.

Not CompletedEnsuring Data Integrity with ActiveRecord Validations

In this guide we will work through adding additional data validations to our ActiveRecord models to ensure that the API will only accept valid requests.

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