Outside API Access

Not CompletedTaking a Refactor Break

This guide walks through a professional refactor to ensure that our microservice is following best practices.

Not CompletedIntroduction to Securing a Microservice in a Rails Application

This tutorial will create a plan for implementing authentication into a Ruby on Rails application.

Not CompletedCreating a Microservice Client Class

This guide walks explains how to create a new ActiveRecord model for integrating authorization in a Rails microservice application.

Not CompletedHow to Use a Different Foreign Key in Rails

Learn how to override the default ActiveRecord behavior and use a different foreign key in a Ruby on Rails application.

Not CompletedAdding ActiveRecord Uniqueness Validations to the Client Class

This guide explains how to implement ActiveRecord validations to a microservice client class using TDD.

Not CompletedHow to Create an API Key Generator in Rails

This guide will give a step by step guide for creating an API Key generator method in Rails, including a method to create the key and integrating it into a callback.

Not CompletedAuthenticating Microservice Requests in Rails

This lesson walks through how to authenticate requests in a Rails microservice application, including ensuring that a request is coming from a valid client.

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