Sending SMS Messages from a Microservice

Not CompletedTwilio + Rails

In this guide we will discuss Twilio, which is the API that we will connect to for sending SMS messages from our microservice.

Not CompletedSecuring Credentials in a Rails App with dotenv

In this guide we will learn how to secure our API credentials using the dotenv gem.

Not CompletedBuilding a SMS Module in Rails

This guide will explain how to create a Ruby module and include it in the lib directory so it can be used throughout the application to send SMS messages.

Not CompletedCreating a RSpec Stub to Mimic Sending SMS Messages

In order to test sending SMS messages we will implement a RSpec Stub that mimics the Twilio API.

Not CompletedImplementing the Ability to Send SMS Messages in Rails

This tutorial will explain how to integrate the ability to send SMS messages from our Rails application, including adding the implementation code to the helper module.

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