Regular Expressions in Ruby

Not CompletedGuide to Regular Expressions in Ruby

In this section of the course, we are going to talk about some regular expressions in Ruby. The goal of this lesson is to familiarize you with expressions in Ruby, and to give you the tools necessary to expand your knowledge. As always, we will learn with a practical example that you can use while doing real-time programming.

Not CompletedEmail Address Regex Guide

You're going to love this lesson as we are going to do a practical example with regular expressions. In this lesson, we are going to check if a particular string is a valid email address or not. In fact, I pulled this out of one of my applications in production to give you a hands-on feel of Ruby programming in a real world program.

Not CompletedHow to Validate IP Addresses Using Regular Expressions in Ruby

Like the email address matcher guide, we are going to build an IP matcher in this lesson using Ruby and regular expressions. An example of how this could be used would be building a security block and want to verify or block IP addresses.

Not CompletedHow to Develop a Wheel of Fortune Game in Ruby

This is going to be a fun lesson as we are going to build a Wheel of Fortune guessing game using regular expressions and several other Ruby methods.


Regular Expressions in Ruby
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