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Top 5 Development Projects to Build for Your Portfolio

Build these apps (or apps that contain the same level of sophistication), and you will be able to clearly showcase your expertise to potential clients, colleagues, and future employers. These projects will also give you a great code library that you can reference for future projects. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve reviewed past portfolio projects to see how I implemented a specific feature so I could use it on an app I was working on at the moment. Read full post

Top 5 Programming Memes

Programmers are a part of an exclusive club. They are proficient at writing code and developing websites, and because of that, they share some jokes amongst themselves. Some of the best jokes make their way onto memes. These memes are a great way to get a good laugh if you find yourself frustrated during a particularly difficult programming job. Read full post

How Does MVC Work in Rails?

Models, views, and controllers provide the architecture for Rails. Known as MVC, this format means that the models are objects, the view is the presentation layer, and the controller handles the processes and responses for the various events that occur. Read full post

Top 10 Reasons to Use Rails as a Web Framework

It’s no secret that Ruby on Rails (referred to as “Rails”) is hot right now. In fact, small businesses and huge corporations use it as a web framework. While some people think this is just a trend, there are lots of benefits that come with using Rails. These benefits prove it is not just a fad. It is here to stay. Read full post

Why Should I Use TDD or BDD?

There is a lot of talk about Test Driven Development (TTD) and Behavior Driven Development (BBD). Web developers often wonder which they should use, or if they should implement both at different times. The truth is that both are an important part of web development. Take a look at TDD and BDD, and then you will understand why you should utilize both when developing applications. Read full post