Data Flow in Rails

Not CompletedSection Introduction

This section of the course explains how data flow works in Rails, focusing on how the MVC structure allows for an organized process of data management.

Not CompletedBuilding out a Seeds File for Generating Dynamic Sample Data

In this guide you'll learn how to create a seeds file. This file will allow you to dynamically generate sample data to use in the application.​

Not CompletedImplement an Index Action from Scratch in Rails

This guide walks through a step by step process for building out an index action from scratch to list out all of the portfolio items from the database.

Not CompletedBuild the New and Create Functionality from Scratch in Rails

This guide gives a step by step guide for how to implement the new and create functionality in a Rails application.

Not CompletedImplement the Ability to Edit Database Records from Scratch in Rails

This lesson walks through how to build out the ability to edit database records in Rails, completely from scratch.

Not CompletedHow to Use the Link To Method in Rails for Creating Dynamic Links

This tutorial will walk through how to implement the link_to method in Rails in order to dynamically generate links to other pages of an application.

Not CompletedHow to Implement the Show Action from Scratch in Rails

This guide will walk you through how to create the show action in Rails, completely from scratch, including how to implement show page links from other pages.

Not CompletedBuilding the Ability to Delete Items in Rails

This guide gives a step by step guide for how to delete items in a Ruby on Rails application. We'll also walk through the differences between delete and destroy in Rails.

Not CompletedHow to Implement Custom Routes for Pages in Rails

This guide gives step by step instructions for how to customize routes in Rails, including how to set the homepage route for an entire application.

Not CompletedHow to Override the Rails Resources Routes for the Show Action

This guide examines how to override the default route path for the resources method in a Ruby on Rails application for the show action.​

Not CompletedHow to Implement Permalinks in a Rails Application with the Friendly ID Gem

This tutorial walks through how to implement permalinks into a Ruby on Rails application by integrating the friendly_id gem.

Not CompletedHow to Use Enums in Rails to Manage Data Stages

This guide walks through how to integrate enums into a Ruby on Rails application, which will allow for our application's blog posts to have a published or draft status. This will enable a number of key features, such as: creating scopes, automatically generating methods for updating the blog post's draft or published status, and much more.

Not CompletedHow to Implement a Custom Action in Rails via a Button Click

This lesson provides a step by step guide for how to implement a custom method in Rails that can be activated via clicking a link. This implementation will cover each stage of the data flow process and show how to properly toggle the blog post's status via the view.

Not CompletedUpdating the Project Management Dashboard and Performing a Pull Request

In this guide we finish up the data flow set of features, update the project management dashboard and merge the feature branch into the master branch on GitHub.

Not CompletedDeep Dive: Rails Routing and Data Flow

In this deep dive we're going to examine how to work with the Ruby on Rails routing system. This will include creating custom routes, using namespaces for nested routes, working with dynamic values in routes, and much more.


Data Flow in Rails
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