Data Management in Rails

Not CompletedSection Introduction

This section of the course walks through how to manage data in a Rails application. This includes working with: validations, concerns, data relationships, and much more.

Not CompletedImplementing Data Validations in Rails 5

This guide walks through how to implement data validations in Rails 5, specifically it explains how to require data to be entered in order to create or edit records in the database.

Not CompletedGuide to Data Relationships in Rails

In this guide you'll learn the basics of how data relationships work in Rails. Additionally, we'll walk through a system for determining how to decide on foreign key placement.

Not CompletedHow to Implement Custom Scopes in Rails 5

This guide gives a step by step set of instructions for building custom database scopes in a Rails 5 application, including both of the syntax options available in Rails.

Not CompletedHow to Set Default Values in Rails 5

This guide walks through multiple ways that you can set defaults in a Rails 5 application, including a discussion on when to use the various options and the various stages of callbacks.

Not CompletedHow to Use Concerns in Rails 5

This lesson explains how to properly utilize concerns in the Rails framework. Additionally, it discusses when concerns should be utilized.

Not CompletedBuilding an Additional Parent/Child Relationship in Rails 5

In this guide we'll prepare for implementing complex forms in Rails by building an additional parent/child database relationship, connecting the Portfolio model with a new model called Technology.

Not CompletedRails 5 Complex Forms: Configuring Nested Attributes in the Model

In this guide we'll continue to walk through complex forms in Rails 5, specifically we'll analyze how to configure the model file so that it can accept nested attributes for a child model.

Not CompletedRails 5 Complex Forms: Configuring Nested Attributes in the Form

In this guide we're going to finish up the complex Rails 5 form feature. Specifically, we will walk through how to configure the form, controller, and view files to work with nested attributes.

Not CompletedDeep Dive: Working with SQL and ActiveRecord in Rails 5

In this deep dive we're going to walk through a wide range of ways that Rails allows developers to communicate with databases. Specifically we're going to analyze SQL and ActiveRecord to learn how to query data in an application.


Data Management in Rails
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