Rails 5 Authentication

Not CompletedSection Introduction

In this section you'll learn how to integrate authentication into your application, allowing users to register, sign in, and sign out. We will implement the Devise RubyGem to build out this feature.

Not CompletedHow to Install Devise in Rails 5

This guide walks through how to install the Devise Gem in a Ruby on Rails 5 application, including how to find the Devise Gem page.

Not CompletedUsing Devise to Implement Registrations and Login Functionality

This guide gives step by step instructions for how to install the Devise gem and configure it to allow users to register, login, and logout of a Ruby on Rails 5 application.

Not CompletedBuilding Custom Routes for Authentication Pages with Devise in Rails 5

Learn how to implement custom routes for Devise based authentication pages, including new methods that have changed in Rails 5.

Not CompletedEnable Users to Logout and Dynamically Render View Content in Rails 5

This guide examines how to implement the ability for users to be able to logout of a Rails 5 application. Additionally this lesson shows how to dynamically show and hide the authentication links based on whether a user is signed in or out.

Not CompletedHow to Add Custom Attributes to a Devise Based Authentication System

Learn how to customize the Devise authentication system by adding new User attributes that can be added during the sign up process.

Not CompletedHow to Use Controller Concerns in Rails 5 for Devise Custom Attributes

In this Ruby on Rails 5 guide we'll walk through how to refactor the Devise strong parameter list and integrate it into a controller concern.

Not CompletedIntegrate Virtual Attributes to Extract First and Last Name Data from a User

This guide explains how to implement virtual attributes in Rails 5. Specifically we'll walk through the steps needed to add first and last name attributes without having to add new columns to the database.

Not CompletedDeep Dive: Using BCrypt to Implement Encryption in Ruby

This deep dive focuses on how to implement encryption in Ruby. Specifically we'll analyze how to leverage the BCrypt RubyGem in order to securely encrypt and perform comparisons with data.


Implementing authentication
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