Rails + JavaScript

Not CompletedSection Introduction

This section of the course walks through how to integrate JavaScript into a Rails application. Specifically, we'll examine how to integrate the jQuery framework to make our Rails application dynamic.

Not CompletedHow to Integrate a Position Attribute and Custom Scope in Rails

Before we can build out the drag and drop interface, we first need to prepare the database so that it contains a concept of 'position'. This means that our model needs to have a way to store what position each portfolio item is in order to render them properly on the page in the order defined. In this guide we'll walk through how to add a position attribute to the database and how to build a custom scope so that portfolio items are sorted by position.

Not CompletedInstalling the jQuery UI and html5sortable JavaScript Libraries in Rails 5

This guide walks through how to properly install the jQuery UI and html5sortable JavaScript libraries in preparation for building out our drag and drop functionality.

Not CompletedInitial Implementation of Drag and Drop Interface in Rails 5

In this guide we'll take a step by step approach for integrating the initial drag and drop interface in a Rails application by leveraging the html5sortable and jQuery UI JavaScript libraries. This implementation will be completely on the front end, however it will show that our feature is being built properly. In the next guide we'll walk through how to wire up the drag and drop interface to the Rails app.

Not CompletedImplementing Drag and Drop Functionality into a Ruby on Rails 5 App

Building in the ability for users to drag and drop elements is a popular feature for web applications. In this guide we're going to take a step by step approach for building out a completely drag and drop feature for a Rails 5 application, including how to connect the jQuery code to the Rails app so the drag and drop items permanently change values in the database.

Not CompletedImplementing Authorization Rules for Drag and Drop Feature in Rails with Petergate

With the drag and drop feature built out, now it's time to ensure that only authorized users are allowed to change the position of portfolio items. In this guide we'll walk through how to implement authorization rules to the drag and drop functionality.

Not CompletedDeep Dive: jQuery + CoffeeScript in Rails

In this deep dive we'll walk through the CoffeeScript programming language and see how it can be utilized to implement jQuery into a Rails application. Specifically, we're going to analyze jQuery selectors, functions, AJAX, and the CoffeeScript syntax.


Rails + JavaScript
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