Rails Lib Directory

Not CompletedSection Introduction

In this section you'll learn how to work with the lib directory in a Rails application. Specifically, we'll walk through how to incorporate custom modules that can be used by the rest of the app.

Not CompletedIntegrating the Twitter Gem to Pull in Tweets in Rails 5

This guide examines how to integrate the Twitter gem, configure a connection to the Twitter API, and how to query tweets so that they can be utilized by the Rails application.

Not CompletedHow to Render Tweets on a Rails View Page

In this guide we'll extend our Twitter search component so that the tweets are rendered onto their own page in the Rails application.

Not CompletedBuilding a Parser View Helper Method to Make Twitter Links Clickable in Rails

This guide walks through how to build a Rails view helper method that parses Tweets to find links and then converts them to be clickable.

Not CompletedCustomizing the Styles for the Tech News Page with Bootstrap 4

With the Tech News functionality built out, in this guide we're going to focus on styling the page to match the rest of the application. Specifically we're going to add custom Bootstrap 4 card styles for each Tweet.


Rails Lib Directory
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