Section Introduction
This section explains how you can work with controllers in a Rails 5 application, including: how to work with sessions in Rails, understanding params, and reviewing data flow.
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When it comes to learning Rails from the inside out, I think it's very helpful to isolate each one of the components that makes up rails so you can see how it works. By breaking it apart you can see each of the responsibilities each component has.

In this section of the course we're going to talk specifically about the controller. Controllers in rails have a number of responsibilities. They communicate with the routing engine to be able to take parameters in, which pages to show or which database queries to run.

We're going to walk through how it handles those and how we can customize it to have our own unique behavior. We're also going to get into some more advanced topics such as how to work with sessions and a number of other things that we're going to be able to use to take our application and extend it while adding customization.