Requirements Document: Architectural Requirements
Walk through the final stage of the requirements document and integrate the architectural requirements for the Rails application.
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Architectural Requirements

The last element that we'll be adding to the document will be the requirements of the system's architecture. This entails the components such as the:

  • server / deployment engine

  • outside services/APIs

  • database type

  • and anything else that will be relevant to the hosting of the application

Document Implementation

For the DailySmarty application we'll add the following for the Architectural Requirements:

  • Server: Digitalocean droplet

  • No outside services or APIs will be utilized

  • Database: Postgres

Hopefully you've enjoyed going through this build out of the requirement's document and can see how a proper planning strategy can help ensure that the project will have the best chance for success. Now that we have the requirements setup, let's get to building the app!