Project Introduction & Software Engineering Training

Not CompletedWhat We're Going to Build

In this post we'll walk through the application that we're going to build out and compile the list of documentation that we want in place prior to starting the development process

Not CompletedRequirements Document: Key Stakeholders and Revision History

In this section we'll format the key stakeholders and revision history portions of the application requirements' document

Not CompletedRequirements Document: High level summary and project introduction

In this post we're going to walk through the high level summary and project introduction components of an application's requirement document.

Not CompletedRequirements Document: Database Modeling

Learn how to properly structure a database schema for a professional Ruby on Rails web application.

Not CompletedRequirements Document: User Interface

Learn how to incorporate the User Interface section of the requirement's document, including displaying the designs for each page.

Not CompletedRequirements Document: Functional Requirements

Walk through the functional requirements that we'll be integrating into the project along with discussing a brief history of software engineering.

Not CompletedRequirements Document: Architectural Requirements

Walk through the final stage of the requirements document and integrate the architectural requirements for the Rails application.

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