Ruby Programming

Working with the file system in Ruby

Explore different ways to work with files in Ruby, including the ability to create, open, edit and delete files using built in methods and classes.

  • Demonstrate how to work with the File class in order to generate, read, edit, append, and delete files in Ruby
  • Explain how file permissions work with Ruby File class methods.
Error handling in Ruby

Learn how to work with errors in Ruby, including learning how to build practical tools such as an error logging program.

  • Categorize exceptions in a Ruby program
  • Demonstrate how to properly implement an error management system
Regular Expressions in Ruby

Work with Regular Expressions in Ruby, including the built in Regex class that allows you to build matchers and dynamically search through data.

  • Demonstrate how to implement pattern matching in a Ruby program with Regular Expressions
  • Employ the different ways that you can call Regular Expressions to detect values in string based values
Searching with grep in Ruby

Learn how to use the powerful grep method in Ruby programs in order to search through data.

  • Apply Ruby's grep method to search through data
  • Show how to combine Regular Expressions with grep to find values
Ruby Gems

Learn what Ruby Gems are, how to use them, and where you can find new gems to give your Ruby programs additional functionality.

  • Demonstrate how to integrate 3rd party code libraries
  • Employ RubyGems to add additional functionality to Ruby programs
Ruby Metaprogramming

Learn some of the basics of metaprogramming in Ruby, including how to open classes and add functionality to built in Ruby classes.

  • Demonstrate what Metaprogramming is and how it can be implemented in Ruby
  • Analyze how to build programs that write code by leveraging methods such as method_missing and defin_method
Ruby Web Frameworks

Explore the two most popular web frameworks for Ruby programs, Rails and Sinatra, including building applications for both frameworks.

  • Explain what a web framework is
  • Demonstrate how to build a basic Ruby on Rails and Sinatra applications
Working with APIs in Ruby

Learn how to work with APIs and build a Ruby program that communicates with a third party API and parses the JSON data.

  • Demonstrate how to build an API connector to communicate with outside services
  • Explain how to pass parameters into an API call
  • Apply parsing methods to work with API responses
Ruby Algorithms

Learn how to implement advanced algorithms in the Ruby programming language, including the popular sorting methods such as Quicksort and Mergesort, along with a number of functional programming algorithms.

  • Understand how to build custom algorithms
  • Employee both iterative and functional programming techniques to implement algorithms
  • Use Prime numbers in order implement various mathematical algorithms
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