Forms in Rails 5

Not CompletedSection Introduction

This section gives a comprehensive analysis on how to work with forms in a Rails application. This includes the various forms Rails provides, along with how to build JavaScript based dynamic forms.

Not CompletedDifference Between form_form and form_tag in Rails

There are two main ways to build forms in Rails, in this guide we're going to walk through the key differences between using the form_for and form_tag form components in Rails.

Not CompletedHow to Integrate Cocoon in Rails 5 for jQuery Nested Forms

Nested form components are common features in many applications. However Rails, by itself, doesn't handle these type of forms well since Rails forms require a refresh to make any changes to the form, such as adding a new form input. That's where JavaScript/jQuery come in. In this guide we'll walk through how to utilize the Cocoon gem in order to have dynamic forms that can create and remove inputs on a form.

Not CompletedGuide to Integrating Alerts that Automatically Fade Away in Rails 5

This guide focuses on how to integrate growl notifications in a Rails 5 application. Specifically, we'll walk through how to install and configure the `Gritter` gem so our application can have JavaScript based alerts that slide in and fade away.

Not CompletedRefactoring Alert Notifications to Use a Shared View Helper in Rails

This guide walks through how to refactor our current alert system so that it utilizes a view helper method that can be called from the layouts and forms.


Forms in Rails 5
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