Images, Videos and Rails

Not CompletedSection Introduction

In this section you'll learn how to incorporate images into a Rails 5 application, including how to build an image uploader and connect it to the Amazon S3 storage system.

Not CompletedIntroduction to Using Images and the Rails Asset Pipeline

Using images in a Rails application is a task that you'll be asked to perform quite regularly. In this guide I'll walk through how to incorporate images into an application, starting with a manual integration and following that up with how you can leverage the Rails asset pipeline and helpful methods such as image_tag.

Not CompletedHow to Add a Full Size Image Background in Rails with Bootstrap 4

Full size images on web applications are popular design components. In this guide we'll walk through how to add an image background to a Rails 5 application that utilizes Bootstrap 4.

Not CompletedHow to Set a Full Size Video Background in Rails with Bootstrap 4

This guide explains how you can set a full size video background in a Rails application that utilizes Bootstrap 4.

Not CompletedDeep Dive: Installing and Configuring Carrierwave for Image Uploads in Rails 5

In this initial deep dive we're going to walk through how to install and configure the Carrierwave library in order to enable the ability to upload files in a Rails application. We're also going to install dot-env, Carrierwave AWS, and additional libraries that are needed for the full feature.

Not CompletedDeep Dive: Integrating Connection to AWS S3 for File Hosting with Carrierwave AWS

In this guide we extend our Carrierwave integration so that our files are uploaded to Amazon's S3 file hosting system instead of hosting them in the local application.

Not CompletedDeep Dive: Implementing Custom File Upload Button Styles and Refactoring Placeholder Images

In this final guide of the section we'll walk through how to add custom styles to Bootstrap file upload buttons. Additionally, we'll walk through a debugging session where we refactor the image placeholder tool that was originally a model concern.


Images, Videos and Rails
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