Not CompletedSigning Up for and Creating a New Heroku Application

This guide walks through the steps for signing up for a Heroku account. Additionally, we'll run the commands needed to create the application that will host our application.

Not CompletedHow to Deploy a Rails 5 Application to Heroku

This guide takes a step by step approach for deploying a Rails 5 application to Heroku. Additionally, we'll walk through how to securely pass in data such as the secret key base to Heroku without checking our secrets.yml file into version control.

Not CompletedWorking with the Rails Console on Heroku

This guide walks through how to work with the Rails console on Heroku in order to update and create records in the production database. Additionally, we'll examine how to perform debugging on a feature on the live site.

Not CompletedInstalling Redis on Heroku for ActionCable Commenting Feature

This guide discusses how to work with Heroku addons. Specifically, we'll examine how to integrate the Redis Cloud add on which is required for our ActionCable commenting feature.

Not CompletedConfiguring Action Cable to Work on Heroku

This guide provides a step by step set of instructions for configuring Action Cable to work on Heroku. Additionally, we'll examine how to fix a common JavaScript bug that can occur on Heroku.


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