Dissecting Rails 5

Rails Best Practices and Refactors

This section focuses on Rails best practices and how they can be incorporated into an application, including how to protect against bugs, improving data integrity, and testing for security issues.

  • Plan the items needed to complete and deploy the app
  • Describe the necessity and process of creating custom scopes with regard to "draft" data and non admin-users
  • Add logic to the controller based on data status
  • Create a dropdown form that implements collection_select and apply Bootstrap 4 styling for better UX
  • Build a view component that leverages the controller generator for rendering data
  • Build a widget that dynamically renders data
  • Demonstrate use of radio buttons to update Enum Values
  • Integrate Markdown syntax to style a feature within a Rails app
  • Apply Bootstrap 4 classes for style and animations
  • Create a responsive Navigation bar and Image components
  • Utilize Favicons in Rails 5 app
  • Demonstrate use of Bootstrap 4 progress bars
  • Describe two ways to integrate custom fonts
  • Discuss importance of updating the seeds file as your models are modified

This section walks through how to deploy our application to the web with the Heroku app engine.

  • Analyze and implement the Heroku system for deployment
  • Demonstrate the ability to debug a feature on a live website
  • Integrate the Heroku Redis Cloud addon for Action Cable features
  • Describe the process to fix a common JavaScript bug on Heroku
Course Updates

This section contains supplemental material and updates, including guides for fixing deprecation warnings and integrating new JavaScript code libraries.

Course Projects

This section of the course contains the course projects that allow you to work through the skills taught throughout the guides.

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