Dissecting Rails 5

Professional Debugging in Rails

In this section we'll examine the best ways to perform debugging in a Rails application, including how to use Pry, Byebug, along with an overall strategy for fixing bugs in your applications.

  • Demonstrate the ability to use puts debugging
  • Describe how to use Byebug and Pry to find and fix coding errors
  • Identify appropriate use of error management
Using RubyGems

This section will explain how to incorporate RubyGems into a Rails application, along with how to research gems, utilize the correct gem versions and even how to build your own RubyGem.

  • Implement the Bootstrap Gem
  • Create a custom Ruby Gem
  • Describe the process of publishing a Ruby Gem
Implementing Authorization in Rails

This section will explain how to properly incorporate authorization into a Rails application to ensure that each feature is protected with the correct permission structure.

  • Describe the purpose of Authentication
  • Demonstrate implementation of the Petergate Gem
  • Define the purpose of user roles in regards to authentication
  • Analyze the null object pattern with respect to the Petergate and Devise Gems
Working with Styles in Rails

This section explains how to work with custom styles in a Rails application, including: how to incorporate professional styles for the app's design, how to work with the asset pipeline, and much more.

  • Determine a design plan for each layout in the application
  • Examine the integration of Bootstrap 4 Templates
  • Describe the proper integration of HTML and CSS files
  • Create partials for the Navigation and Footer Elements
  • Demonstrate the process of embedding objects into the application
  • Describe the bootstrap Grid System and how to integrate styling in a form
  • Give examples of appropriate use and implementation of Bootstrap overrides
  • Implement the Konmari Gem for pagination
  • Apply the design plan by integration custom styles
Rails + JavaScript

This section of the course walks through how to integrate JavaScript into a Rails application. Specifically, we'll examine how to integrate the jQuery framework to make our Rails application dynamic.

  • Apply a custom scope attribute to a model
  • Integrate the JQuery UI and html5sortable Javascript libraries
  • Create a JQuery drag and drop feature
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate authorization rules to specific functionality
  • Analyze JQuery selectors, functions, AJAX, and Coffee Script syntax
Images, Videos and Rails

In this section you'll learn how to incorporate images into a Rails 5 application, including how to build an image uploader and connect it to the Amazon S3 storage system.

  • Identify multiple processes for integrating images into an application
  • Demonstrate the process of incorporating a full size background image utilizing Bootstrap 4
  • Describe the process of setting a full size video background
  • Analyze and implement the Carrier Wave library as well as other interdependent libraries to create file uploading capabilities
  • Integrate a connection to the AWS S3 file hosting system
  • Discuss debugging and refactoring concepts
Forms in Rails 5

This section gives a comprehensive analysis on how to work with forms in a Rails application. This includes the various forms Rails provides, along with how to build JavaScript based dynamic forms.

  • Describe the difference between form_for and form_tag components in Rails
  • Integrate the Cocoon gem and describe how to utilize it concerning dynamic forms and nested components
  • Demonstrate the use of growl notifications and configuration of the Gritter gem
  • Implement refactoring for the alert system to utilize a view helper method
  • Create an HTML form from the ground up that is capable of communicating with the Rails controller
Rails Lib Directory

In this section you'll learn how to work with the lib directory in a Rails application. Specifically, we'll walk through how to incorporate custom modules that can be used by the rest of the app.

  • Demonstrate use of the Twitter Gem
  • Create a query to utilize tweets in a Rails app
  • Compose the functionality to display tweets in a Rails app
  • Build a Parser view helper that not only finds links but renders them clickable
  • Apply current styling in the app to additional pages
Live Data with ActionCable

This section explains how to use one of the most popular features in Rails 5: ActionCable. In these guides we'll walk through how to integrate ActionCable and Rails Channels to incorporate live data.

  • Create comment functionality by utilizing Action Cable
  • Discuss the importance of refactoring and validations
  • Integrate JQuery functions to manage data flow and connect to Action Cable
  • Implement the Gravatar system to render thumbnails
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